North Pandemic Groove

New Album 'BUNKA' 2016.05.14 Release

North Pandemic Groove are

Takezo Yamada : Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Yuya Monma : Guitar
Taihei : Drums
Shunsuke Ochi : Bass
Takuto Kudo : Keyboard

All of five members were born in the island of Hokkaido, gathered together to spread the original groove of their generation to all over Japan and beyond to the world.

The songs each member produces are crossed over different genre of music such as funk, soul, pop, fusion, Latin with the jazzy foundation.

In 2014, the band was awarded with the best prize among 300 competitors at the Park Live Contest of Sapporo City Jazz.

Their first album, "North Pandemic Groove" was released in February, 2015 and in the same year, they performed as the only Japanese artists at the Tronto Jazz Festival.

Their former supporting member, Takuto Kudo has become the official member in January, 2016.

They are scheduled to perform again at the Tronto Jazz Festival this year with the personal nomination by John Cripton, the Canadian Producer.

Trumpet/Flugelhorn: 山田 丈造(やまだ たけぞう)
Guitar: 門馬 由哉(もんま ゆうや)
Keyboard: 工藤 拓人(くどう たくと)
Bass: 越智 俊介(おち しゅんすけ)
Drums: タイヘイ(たいへい)




2014年、札幌で行われたジャズコンペティション(パークジャズライブコンテストby SAPPORO CITY JAZZ)で約300組の中から頂点に選ばれる。
2015年2月1stアルバム「North Pandemic Groove」をリリース。
同年、カナダで行われたTronto Jazz Festivalにて、唯一の日本人アーティストとして出場を果たす。
今年6月にはカナダ出身のプロデューサー、ジョン・クリプトン氏の直々の指名によりTronto Jazz Festivalでの再演が予定されている。

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